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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Shambhala Protects 

We are ready to welcome you with enhanced safety protocols and utmost care and provide you safe and comfortable environment 

  • Dedicated In-house Expertise – All of our staff receives continuous and comprehensive training on hygiene and cleanliness standards .
    Shambhala has established procedures to ensure the regular deep cleaning of the property  and further specific measures to protect against Covid-19 are carried out. Our enhanced cleaning standards will continue to be overseen and regularly reviewed by each property’s dedicated safety management team. Additional antibacterial disinfectant products are being regularly used throughout the day to ensure surfaces are clean to prevent the spread of Covid-19. These measures are in addition to our already robust hygiene and cleanliness protocols which already mandate good hand hygiene, supplying handwashing facilities, as well as alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and strict guidance on regular hand washing throughout the day. 
    Our protocols have been developed with a leading industry partner and will be subject to regular audits.

  • Enhanced Protocols – All our employees are well-trained to identify the symptoms of Covid-19, and have been instructed not to come to work if they are feeling unwell or had contact with anyone who is suspected or confirmed as having Covid-19. As an added precaution, employees will be temperature screened before starting work. If an employee is displaying any symptoms relating to the virus, they will be sent home. 

  • Additionally, we ask all guests to undergo a temperature-check upon arrival and to complete a thorough registration form. If, on arrival, a guest is showing a high temperature, or any other symptoms consistent with Covid-19, they will be asked to travel later .

  • Safe and Seamless Service – We will continue to explore and make use of digital technology so that we can provide a seamless service whilst respecting social distancing requirements at all times. Guests who have booked with us direct will be able to complete the check-in process online prior to arrival, restaurant menus are accessed by scanned bar codes or written on chalkboards , and housekeeping staff will not enter rooms whilst guests are present. 

  • Safety kits - Each room has a safety kit which includes , face masks , sanitisers and disinfectant sprays. All common area are equipped with sanitisation booths and disinfectant products. 

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